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10 Tips to Find a Good Pet-Friendly Rented Property

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

Believe it or not but pets are as closer to our hearts as our family. Just like my little, cute and adorable “Currie” who’s an apple of eye of whole family. With pets live with us like our kith and kin, we can’t even dare to think of living them alone. After all, they are reliable than any human around us. So, wherever you go, they follow you or vice-versa.

With almost half of the UK population own a pet and industry experts predicting 1 in 5 homes may be privately rented by 2016, letting industry has also taken a step towards this and has given a lot of emphasis in creating pet friendly flats to rent in London for pet owners or other genres property.

However, in some cases, you have to deal with a lot of knotty obstacles while finding out perfect rental flats or apartments to move with your pet. Though it takes nothing except, a bit of time, organization, and persuading skills but we have brought a few tips for you to make sure you and your pets are well organized and have the upper hand when searching for your next home.

Search for a pet-friendly place only- Since your pets are your major concern, make sure that you search out pet-friendly apartment in your new area and then the rest of this list will be unsound and annulled for you. Your best option will be to work with like-minded animal lovers.

Take references from human societies- if you have to take help then why not consult to those who majorly work towards the animals’ welfare. Yes, we are talking about humane societies, vets and animal control who would better tell you the pet-friendly places in your area.

Avoid Large Rental Communities- When big corporate communities say, “NO PETS”, it means, “NO PETS”. So, it would be better to not to mess with them and persuade to individual home or condo owner who allow your pets.

Ask first- many people don’t take this initial step, particularly if a property is not listed as the pet-friendly. Tenants, who remain clear in a first encounter with landlords or owners, hold more chances of finding a good rented property to stay with pets. So don’t be afraid, and ask whether landlord allows pets or not.

Offer to pay additional rent- If your pet is indeed closer to your heart, you never mind in paying a bit of extra rent for them. And this could impact positively on homeowners too. Since many property owners are concerned about pets causing damage to their property or furnishings, paying extra bucks will be more convincible.

Offer non-refundable ‘pet payment’- Since many landlords are worried that having pets in their home will lead to fleas, pet hair and dirty carpets at their property. Offering them a non-refundable payment during leasing, contract will keep the landlord’s mind at ease.

Introduce your pet to landlord- Some landlords are allergic to pets but a few love them a lot (only to well-behaved pets). So, to increase your chances of being rented in with your pet, introduce it to the landlord and show that you are a responsible pet owner. Use available online resources to put together a pet information pack.

Show Your Pet’s CV- Make sure to put together as much information about your pet as possible and how often they are treated to prevent fleas, who will take care of your pet in case of an emergency and the proper contact details of your vet. Also, having a nice photo of your photo will be a good idea.

Propose a few months’ trial- if you feel landlord is too rigid on his decision of not allowing your pet in his renting property and you have no other option left, you can push them over the edge by proposing a short term trial period where they can observe how your pet is good enough in adjusting in the property.

Get down the written contract- If you’ve managed to find a rented home that has finally allowed your pet, make a smart act by getting the contract written and make sure that all the terms have been discussed and no issue will pop up in future.

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