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5 Ways to Extract the Full Security Deposit from Landlords when moving out

So, it’s finally the time to call off the leasing, great! Now you might be wondering about the security deposit that is almost one month’s of rent you deposited while signing in the leasing contract, are you? If so, don’t be anxious much. Here are some tips to extract the full security deposit from the landlords over the completion of your leasing period.

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Keep the photo or video proof of the home condition while moving in

To ensure you get the full deposit back from your landlord while moving in, precautions are subject to be taken at the very initial stage. During your visit to watch the unit with your landlord, keep your camera or mobile having good picture quality with you. Take the picture of every nook and corner or record video to capture the existing condition of the property.

Get the close up of all existing damages and mail the entire file to the landlord at the same day. You can upload them as the private video on YouTube or share it with landlord via Dropbox. This way you’ll have the digitally time-stamped proof of the existing property condition while moving in. Having this proof, your landlord will hardly raise issues over your security deposit return during the completion of your lease.

Give a prior notice to landlords before you move out

When you are living in a rented property, giving at least 30 to 60 days of notice prior moving is a code of conduct that you have to follow. This is good for both renters and landlords, where you get time to pack your bag and baggage and find a new home, on the other hand, landlord has ample of time to find another tenant. Everything is mentioned on lease, so follow the rules and provide ample of time to your landlord. It’s better, while you move in, ask your landlord about the amount of notice period and get it in written.  Send them a mail compiling all the details or a notice letter.

Don’t hinder upon the showing

Yes, don’t ever try to be obstructive when your landlord brings the new tenants to show the property. Be open and don’t raise issues over their visit. Don’t ask your landlord that you must be home during the showing, don’t change the locks or spread out the mess in the home. Keep your property neat and clean and inviting. But make sure that you also don’t keep valuables in the home, especially during your absence. Some leasing agreements have the provision that state,  your landlord has the rights to have penalty on you if you try to be obstructive during the property showing. The more helpful you will be to landlords, the easier it would be to get a full security deposit back from them.

Go for smaller repairs

Having rented an apartment for a longer duration, it’s got a number of small damages like- patch holes, paint, bathroom cleaning, stove cleaning, replacing the old bulbs and batteries. So make sure you are ready to fix these damages from your end. This way, landlord will not be able to deduct any money for the repair of such damages from your security deposit. Only go for the repairs that could be done quickly at cheaper prices.

Proper cleaning

Cleaning is one of the major factors that your home looks dull and ugly. Having it properly cleaned, you can enhance its appearance that would make landlord feel their property well maintained. So make sure that before you leave, you get it cleaned thoroughly. From top to bottom, every nook and corner, kitchen, bathroom and other hidden areas, get them all cleaned to avoid losing your security deposit amount.

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