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How to decorate a rental home without sacrificing security deposit?

So, finally, after months of efforts, you found an ideal apartment, great! So what is next? Is it really the accommodation you are satisfied with or you need to tweak it a bit according to your preference? Well, if you’ve met a rental home with good location, corporative neighborhood and solid connectivity but not satisfied with its appearance the don’t worry because we are going to share some rental home decoration ideas for rental properties by which tenants can enhance the appearance of their rented home without having to lose their security deposit.

Bring restructured furniture home

When you dream of your future home, the first vision that takes shape is the presence of costly furniture but in renting property, you can’t bring your preferred, well designed and costly furniture. Thus, you must choose the restructured furniture such as- nesting tables instead of a large coffee table. They could be used to fill out the large living rooms when attached together or could also be used separately as nightstands or end tables in smaller spaces.

Implement a smart paint job

Wall paintings/paints are the integral part of any attractive house. Since every person has his own choice of colors, it’s not necessary that the walls of your rented property are attracting you too enough. But there is no need to get bound of such boring and dull colors. You can do it from your own by sticking with neutral tones to avoid having to repaint. For instance- you can add a tint of red, purple or blue to white paint to soften the white—since it’s a subtle enough your landlord won’t notice. However, if you are still yearning for more color then try bold wall decals or printed adhesive wallpaper that’s easily removable.

Use Hanging Strips

Rented property is always fragile which is required to be handled with care. Just like your own home, you can’t nail it or use drillers to hang your life-size collage or your hang arts. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot do this in any way. If you have some of your favorite frames with you or your parents, girlfriends, boyfriend, children or loved ones pictures or your favorite hangings, consider hanging strips rather than nailing holes into the dry walls. Most of the high quality hanging strips in the markets are capable of holding frames as heavy as eight pounds, the strips promise not to leave a mark once they’re removed.

Custom Curtains

Curtains in homes help you customize the outside view. If you want to be dipped into the slight sun-light then slide them on or just want to be in dark avoiding the outside atmosphere then slide them off. For the rented property, you must go for the longer drapes in solid colors. Custom curtains with longer drapes could be taken anywhere and will make the space of your home feel larger, especially when hung at the top of a wall.

Design the floor with custom rugs

This is an era of customization where you don’t have to get bounded with the specific colors of the walls and flooring. If you are not impressed with the floor of your rented property, don’t worry since you can still make some amendments in it with the help of custom rugs which are adjustable in size whenever you move. Such rugs are made up of squares attached with sticker-like adhesives. The number of squares you want for your space and the designs could be chosen accordingly.  And if you feel that your next space is larger, you can add more squares to fill it out.

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