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How tenants can keep their landlord’s property safe to its original condition?

Being a tenant in any rental property, you always have the fear of losing your security deposits to landlords, especially when you stay in the property for a longer period and fail to keep it maintained to its original condition.  As per the agreement policies signed between tenant and landlord, the homeowner is entitled to withhold part or all of a security deposit if tenants fail to return their property to its original condition when they leave. Flats for tenants are subject to be cleaned up properly by the landlords and must be preserved the same way by the tenant. So, here we have come with some valuable rental property cleaning tips that tenants can implement to avoid such disputes.

When you move into a new property, you get to see that, rugs and carpets are the first things that become dirty at the initial stage. So, it’s mandatory to get them cleaned first, especially when they are costly and part of the deal. Since carpets take up an entire room, they likely have high traffic areas and become grubby by the passes of time. So it’s better that, after a certain timeframe, you get it cleaned by the professional carpet cleaning company or keep refreshing the floors to keep them looking inviting.

And you should move to the kitchen areas, that is the core part of any rental or regular property. To keep this area neat, tidy and hygienic, first, tenants should focus on the stove, fridge and oven to ensure that things are spotless and full of hygiene. Make sure that all the surfaces around the kitchen such as- ledges, skirting, floors, windows, and wall tile are disinfected and wiped down properly. Also, take care of the sink by removing the limescale and keeping it shining.

If you are in a well furnished home with high class furniture, it needs a bit more work. First, it’s mandatory to keep your valuable furniture protected from the termites. All the shelves, cupboards, shelves are well cleaned up before you move.

Tenants, during their rental home cleaning process, must be quite alert and should take care of the places where dust and dirt gather secretly. Some of these major places that you must be missing out include- machine powder drawers, and rubbish bins that are hard to reach locations and simply been ignored. So, pay attention to these places, once they are well cleaned up then property will be all set to return on the market.

Since bed is the core part of your relaxing life, ensure that it’s neat and clean and free out of all sorts of dusts and debris. Having a dirty bed or unhygienic mattress can invite a lot of diseases. So whether you are a landlord or a tenant, it’s important to keep the mattress and sofas clean by vacuuming them properly. You should also not ignore the window ledges, the decorations and the blind of the bedrooms.

All the windows of the room are required to be cleaned up properly from inside and outside. For this, you can either call the expert cleaners or do it yourself by buying the glass cleaning product that works best and cheap.

Discussed tips are applicable for both, tenants and landlords. Where tenants by following these tips can avoid the forthcoming issue of acquiring the security deposit from the landlords, landlords, by keeping their property cleaned, will be able to invite new tenants.

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