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One Bedroom Flat In Mayfair Is Cheaper Than You Can Think Of- See How?

When it comes to think of Britain’s property market, it’s massively high and generally out of reach for a layman who is relied on his monthly wages only. However, there is more about the monopoly of the people which has set with the view of considering this area as too expensive for the average earning guy.

However, if you are looking out for the Mayfair rentals within your budget then you should not be disappointed anymore since we can help you with this in a better way. If you too believe that Mayfair is ruling as an elevated position in Britain’s property market, keep reading our post.

If you are someone on an average wage and looking for the opportunity to find a home in this prestigious area of London, you must look below. Here you will find one bedroom apartment available in Mayfair for rent for the reasonably affordable rate which is as low as £495 a week.

If you will count it on annual basis then it makes the yearly rent of £25,740 which is marginally less than the average salary £26,000 in Britain. One of the estate agents described as “as a reasonable option within the comparison to its multi-million pound neighbors”.

It later added: “The apartment floor at lower ground on Dunraven Street profits from the kudos of Mayfair, for a tiny proportion of the price.”

From Park Lane, the flat is just at the step away distance which covers an area of covers 382 sq ft. Moreover, it’s also having the huge open plan living room along with the kitchen, and a double bedroom with a bathroom refined to a high standard.

In Mayfair, the usual price of a home costs £2,665,974, up 1.64 per cent or the counterpart of £42,896. And by coming all together, the average rent is more than £13,000 a month.

It compares to the typical price of a property in the country as a whole of £214,003 and an average asking rent of £1,245 a month. Further, the agent described the property would be superb to rent as a pied a terre.

The best part about this property is that, it has a good access to all the public transport where the Oxford Street is just on a few minutes distance away as well as the closest tube station at Marble Arch.

It comes in spite of the reports which came earlier that, this month Mayfair is all set to swank grandest new homes in central London. Apparently, the Central London Borough is said to have the largest apartments in the pipe line whereas the projected homes are having the size of 1,200 sq ft.

There are extensive range of demands are coming from the overseas buyers into the market and domestic buyers are preferring the inner areas’ city family homes over the vast country premises which is fasting up the change.

It means you have better chances of finding rented property in Mayfair at reasonable low prices.

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