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Important Tips on Storage While Planning Apartment Shifting

storage tips for apartment shifting

Moving a house is always stressful. Irrespective of all precautions, in terms of storing the items during the move, duration of the storage period, making things happen sequentially and in a hassle free manner, it requires meticulous organising. Here are some tips to streamline the process of shifting. Read more

Tips for Hassle Free Packing and Moving

hassle free packing and moving

Summer is the season when people love to move homes. This includes students who move into new cities for graduation, families move after school are shut and renters end leases in the spring and summer to locate new houses.

Moving home is a serious business calling for serious thought, planning and the right people help in its execution. On the other hand, a casual approach like renting a truck a day before moving or not knowing to pack can lead to losses of all kind including the best furniture. Read more

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