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Important Things to Consider Before Moving Into a Rental Property

Investing your money in real estate sector is definitely a wise decision. Even if you like all the things, you can’t control each and everything. Choosing a rented accommodation is not an easy-to-do chore for many as it requires inspection, knowledge, time, and experience. To take you out from this worrying circle, here we are going to jot down imperative points that as a tenant you should look into a rented property.

Rental payments

Ahead of leasing a home, find out whether the monthly charges slip smoothly into your budget or not. Ask if there’s a fee for security and check the amount you will need to pay. When your rent will be due every month, discuss the issue with your property owner. Also discuss the mode of payment and grace period to stay away from late fees.

Check the leasing form carefully

Don’t step inside a rental home unless you’ve signed a legalized lease cover. This protects renter and landlord and will aid to resolve clashes that may pop up in future. Leases are mandatory if you’re selecting to rent a property from a person who’s not taking the help of a real estate agent. If the owner says that there’s no need to sign a lease cover, it’s a clear indication that he is hiding something about his property. Furthermore, you can select payment option that fits you well, but don’t forget to take a proof in written form, every time you pay rent.


Renting a home also means taking into consideration some basic facilities like electricity, gas and water. Find out from the owner whether the utility usage bill will be added into your monthly rent or you will pay separate amount for each facility or the owner will cover up a single part or all rental unit’s utility bill. If you think the landlord is levying extra charges, call the local utility agencies and get an estimate on your monthly utility bills.

Take the feedback from neighbors’ or previous renters

Although it’s not so easy, but if you are in touch with any of the earlier renters of the home, politely ask them for views about the house. It’s not about spreading negative words, but due diligence. If they don’t say anything positive about the home owner, it would be better for you to tread carefully. The thorough discussion with your neighbor or renter will certainly clear your doubts.

Property repairs/maintenance

Discuss with your owner about the repair services he endows with before you rent a home. Maintenance issues like pest control, plumbing and broken equipments can give birth to stress. Thus, it is vital for you to find out who you need to talk with in case of a conflict. Moreover, how long it usually takes for repair requests to get handled.

Parking and Pet Policy

If you have pet or thinking to get the one, discuss this with your landowner in advance. Most of the time, rental homes don’t give you the permission to keep a pet. Another thing you need to keep in mind is the parking permit. Check whether the parking is free or you are required to pay the charges for parking.

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