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Factors That Motivates Millennial Generation for Moving

Every generation has its own set of values, attitudes and even quirks, and Millennial Generation is not an exception. Tenants born between 1980 to mid- 2000s are known as “Millennials” and the largest up-and-coming generation in US. This age group is tech-savvy, social, career conscious, love self-expression and moves frequently from one place to another. But what is motivating this younger generation to enjoy the joy of moving?  Here are some real insights! Read more

Important Things to Consider Before Moving Into a Rental Property

Investing your money in real estate sector is definitely a wise decision. Even if you like all the things, you can’t control each and everything. Choosing a rented accommodation is not an easy-to-do chore for many as it requires inspection, knowledge, time, and experience. To take you out from this worrying circle, here we are going to jot down imperative points that as a tenant you should look into a rented property. Read more

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