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5 smart ways to give your Home some Bonus Space without changing its footprint

Are you looking ahead to give your home away with some bonus space? Well, there would be many areas in your home that you may have been ignoring for a long, even since the time it was built. Maybe you don’t know but, yes, it’s a fact that there are various unused spaces in your home that could wonderfully be utilized.

To make it more happening and drudgery, all you need to do is just make some efforts to first, locate those places that are untouched so far. Once you marked those areas then rest would be quite easier for you as we are here with these five fabulous ways to utilize the unused space in your home.

Let’s start the tour now:

Space beneath your window

If you have a large window at any of the side of your wall then check out the space beneath it. Generally, the beneath space of a window in our home is ignored and many people find it useless but you can utilize it in a great manner by attaching a small bookcase to the wall for spare luggage compartment. It could also be consoled as a double table.

Utilize the attics

Many of us have attics in our homes that are occasionally occupied with the old boxes or unused junks that we hardly use. So, you can clear it out to manage some space and to transform this into something useful such as the walk-in closet you would always require.

Using Space under the stairwells

With people coming up with more and more creative ideas, I have seen many people using their underneath space of stairwells to a larger scale. So, you could also do away a lot more with this either by placing a built-in bookcase or using it for the decorative element in the living room.

Using Closets

If you have reasonably small home and you are unable to stretch its space, attach some shelves into the walls.  To turn it into office, vacate the lowest case of shelve and place a small chair or stool. By putting your laptop on case, you can do your office work as well and once you are done then slide under the desk to veil the office when the doors are bunged.

Using Closets-2

Apart from the above mentioned idea, there is one more thing you can do away with your closet is place your small sized or big sized washing machine (depending on the space of closet) under the case and turn this into the makeshift laundry room. Isn’t it wonderful??? Try it out.

So next time, you need to treat your home with some extra space, here are the things that you can follow. If done properly they can for sure add an extra charm to your residence without drastically changing its footprint

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