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Add Value to Your Home & Clinch a Great Deal

Want to hold the value to your home by improving, extending and upgrading the house? There are some really smart ways to invest in your home to enhance the value, if you want to stay put there for now, or wish to sell or rent it.

From extending an area to smart kitchen upgrade, from organic elements like wood and iron to soft furnishings, here are the tips on how to set your house apart from all the others, thereby adding value to it.

Creation of Space:

Get rid of that non-structural wall, so as to create space and add a sense of flow in the house. This shall not only open enhance the spaciousness but offer you a wide open floor plan wherein the living room is right off the kitchen.

Remove Tangled, Unkempt Bushes:

It is important to get rid of the tangled plants and unkempt bushes as they can obscure views, and darken the interiors. Additionally these promote mold and block the look of your house! Thus, landscaping happens to be one of the finest investments that add value to your house. If you are looking forward to sell the house, it could really make a big difference to the price.

Proper Illumination:

Lighting is what makes a house attractive! From a dimmer to the chandeliers, from natural lighting to aptly placed candles quite visibly increase the appeal of a home, and set the mood too. There’s a trick to it, use reflective material to capture the natural light and reflect in the house through the ceiling or windows! Just keep in mind that high volt bulbs tend to make a small space feel big, while soft lighting adds warmth to empty spaces.

Kitchen Upgrade:

Prior to upgrading your kitchen with fancy accessories, focus on the basics such as insulating the attic, repairing plumbing leaks, inspecting the furnace, replacement of leaky windows, to count a few. It is significant to give your kitchen a makeover, since kitchen is a vital area of a house, a crucial one! This must be in pristine condition, which would undoubtedly add value to the house.

Impeccable Flooring:

It isn’t wise to undervalue the stuff you are standing on. Thus, it is advisable to invest some money on the flooring too. The wooden floor should not squeak; the tiles must not be broken; the patches on the floor boards must be mended, and in case the house is carpeted well from wall to wall, would certainly attract buyers and renters.

Paving the Front Garden:

Garden aesthetics happens to be a feature which adds value to the presentation of your home! Keep the flower beds in shape, and let the greens add on to the beauty of the house.

Paint the House:

Incase you are selling the house, or for that matter renting the house, you need to have the outside of house spick and span making it look clutter-free and pleasing as compared to other houses in the row. Additionally, clean those dirty windows, the driveway, and unblock the gutters too!

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