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Advantages of Living in Paddington Area in London

Paddington Area in London

Paddington district comes under Central London. Blending history, beautiful spots, shopping avenues and other exciting stuff Paddington is loved for its proximity to Craven Hill, Bays-water, Westbourne Green and Maid Hill.

Padding is most famous for its Paddington railway station. Other important landmarks of the place are St Mary’s Hospital and Paddington Green Police Station.


Metropolitan Borough Paddington is surely a treat to the eyes. Based in the City of Westminster in central London Paddington boasts of a plethora of important places to roam about. You can trot around the Sussex Garden, Paddington Basin and Edgware Road in a care free spirit.

Paddington markets

These are top draws that attract countless people in this central London location. The markets stand out as perfect destinations for shopaholic entities. There is amazing variety of artifacts to cat your eyes. They sing the glory of the traditional arts and crafts.


For shoppers there are ceramic products, fine furniture, unique dress materials and tantalizing artifacts besides clothes for men and women. A visit to the underground shops of Marble Arch and Oxford Street is a must to get the right stuff at the right price.

Visit the Church

Take a journey back the centuries, by visiting the Parish Church that will introduce you to the religious rituals of the 18th Century. This church founded in 1700 will offer new insights into ancient worshipping practices. The Old Church of St. James and Holy Trinity Church are supreme landmarks of this area.

Commercial Areas

Edgware Road and Praed Street are the most important commercial roads running through Paddington. A range of restaurants and take aways, shops and supermarkets dot the place. The Edgware Road houses the Grosvenor Casino and the Odeon Cinema.

Paddington is easily accessible from Bayswater, Marble Arch, Marylebone, Baker Street, Little Venice, Notting Hill and Regents Park.

Property in Paddington

As a prime location property in Paddington is fairly expensive. The importance of Paddington as a transport hub keeps the demand at a high. Buses will be running 24 hours throughout Paddington connecting all parts of London. In every sense Paddington is a good location to live and work.

Paddington Waterside development

In recent years Paddington changed a lot with the regeneration project named Paddington Waterside development. It is expected to deliver an area of 10,000,000 square feet space between 1998 and 2018.

As a result, several developmental schemes including premier residential, commercial, leisure, retail and health facilities have been developed. This project will have 14 different development schemes boosting Paddington’s status as a location that is socially and economically most desirable.

Excellent Residential Options

Paddington has excellent residential options including fine Georgian homes, chic apartments and studio flats. In fact, in Paddington has something that appeals to everyone’s taste and budget. Those looking for flats to rent in Paddington can get a good deal from reputed estate agents and letting agencies who can be contacted online for any kind of deal including rentals.

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