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Give Your Rental Bathroom an Inviting Look with These 6 Quick Tips

What if you can’t change the faucet, mirror, or paint the cabinet with your favorite color, because it’s a rental apartment? Don’t worry; here are some quick and simple ideas for converting your dull bathroom into a bracing and habitable one:  

Add Storage

Free standing storage can make drastic amendments in the appearance of an ugly rental bathroom. You can buy lightweight metal racks, shelves, small chests of drawers, so as to arrange the toiletries in a smart way. If the bathroom is very small in size, then slim CD style shelving unit is a great option. Furthermore, small plastic boxes are also important to keep liquid-based things safely in the bathroom.

Use Small Accessories

Go for off-white or pure white accessories like wastebaskets, lotion dispensers, soap holders, and other similar items if the bathroom is small. You can show a lot about your persona by using a shower curtain of your choice, and if you’ve no idea about it then floral & animate prints give small space a roomier look. Use of cheerful and bright-hued picture and mirrors is an easy and economical ways to décor the space.

Use Bright Lighting

You can make a huge difference in the restroom just by making small changes in the lighting. These changes will switch up the mood from tedious to refreshing one. To begin with, the vanity light should be of at least 150 watts for better illumination. Go for low-voltage bulbs for the rest of the space. In addition, a dimmer switch works well, so you can switch off the lighting when you want to soothe your tiring senses in the bathtub.

Beautifully Cover Up those Ugly Corners

If the tiles in your restroom are very unfashionable, you can wrap them exquisitely with a cool bath mat. You can use the same idea for your scruffy shower alcove—get 2-3 attention-pulling shower curtains so you don’t have to glare at the same all the time. Walls could be decked up with some kind of artwork, but don’t convert the bathroom into a gallery.

Small Investment in Little Luxuries is OK

Show your pert side by adding things like colorful mirrors (a bit pricey), beautiful towels, antique coat rack, gorgeous bathrobe, and the likes. These will show that fake glamour without breaking your pocket. If nature is close to your heart, then a bushy and big plant will add a graceful and tranquil mood to the bathroom.

Clean, clean, clean

The restroom should be cleaned on a regular basis. If your bathroom is extremely dirty, a steam cleaner can easily take out the grouted surface on walls, windows, bathtub, and door. Moreover, a strong cleaning agent and a good brush will give your toilet seat a new look in no time. Once you execute the cleaning process, lit some aromatic candles in bathroom and you’ll definitely feel great.

Dress your Windows

If you have a restroom window that craves for privacy or fails to notice an unattractive view, gussy it up with window film or curtains.

These are some simple tips that you can do to give your bathroom an attractive appearance!

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