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Government Mulls plans to make Tenancies family friendly

Government Mulls Plans to Make Tenancies family friendly
London has been hearing upcoming measures to ensure ‘family friendly’ tenancy rules in order to assuage the renters with a feeling of security. As part of that exercise, the Department for Communities and Local Government is reportedly working on a proposal to encourage landlords for offering long-term tenancies to the tenants. It is hoped that the new proposal will scrap the old-fashioned 12 month restricted assured tenancies.

Longer Tenancy

The English Housing Survey notes that rental occupancy rate can go up nine times had there been a family friendly tenancy policy in place to give a sense of security to the families. Not only the tenants but landlords also gain from five-year tenancies as greater security and reduced void periods and loss of rent will be addressed by this measure.

Rent Ceiling

An immediate ceiling on rent hikes is the need of the hour to avoid eviction through the backdoor. Longer tenancies also mean pitting freeze on rent hikes during a tenancy. Unless these limits are in place a landlord can cut short the tenancy by doubling, or tripling the rent.

In the case of in-tenancy rent hikes there has to be linkages with inflation growth so that renters have the predictability on the costs of renting. Both the renters and landlords should work around mutually agreed terms on rent levels and keepi it at reasonable levels.

Rental Contract

Along with stable tenancies families also need the flexibility to end their tenancies and avoid a sense of trapping. Change in circumstances such as job loss or an opportunity to move into a bigger home should make the exit easy. With a two months’ notice to the landlord the tenants must be able to vacate the property.

Selling Property

In the rental systems the Landlords also need the breathing space and flexibility in terms of selling their property if their own circumstances change. They should not be seen as getting stuck in processes allowing people to break the tenancy contract. When faced with a compulsion to sell their home, landlords should have their way. This enables landlords to issue longer tenancies in the knowledge that they are not at the mercy of a tenant who can be offensive by way of breaking contracts or faltering on paying rent.

Sense of Belonging

It may be seen that at the heart of a Stable Rental Contract is the desire of the renters to feel secure in their rented property and have a sense of belonging. It augurs well for the renters as well as landlords.
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