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Importance of Location in Home Buying Process

If real estate is your thing, you must have heard an old adage: Location, location, location.”  Whether you are buying a new home as a lifestyle upgrade, a solid long-term investment or both reasons, one of the most vital decisions you will take is where you wish to live with your family. The location of your home will aid you to determine various aspects, such as quality of life, commute times, social interactions, future value of your rock-solid investment, and the like.

But why does location matters a lot in your home buying process? For beginners, procuring of home in a good location is usually considered as a wise investment. According to real estate agents, if you get the opportunity to buy the worst dwelling…go for it without thinking twice as this will confer you with the best Return on Investment in future.

Here we are gonna throw light on some vital factors you must think about carefully when choosing a location:

Crime Statistics

Safety stays at top for majority of people. You’ll often pay less amount of money to settle in a location with higher crime rate. However, if you’ll have to live in under the sheets of terror or if all of a sudden you become a victim…in this case your money will go vain. Thus, choose a home in a town or city that has low crime rate as this will make you feel comfortable in terms of safety factor.

Research the Neighborhood Carefully

Nowadays, statistics and facts are available over web through message boards, forums and real estate websites. What is the average income of people residing over there? What is the rate of crime? How many well-educated people are living? On the basis of all these stats, you can get the crystal clear picture of the whole story.

Easy Access to Public Transportation

A location is useless if it lacks smooth connectivity. A good location means having a smooth access, and being near to public transportation modes like bus or train. This connectivity will help you to reach anywhere within short span of time. In some cities/towns, where travel through car is inevitable, trouble-free access to the expressway makes a good location.

Local Amenities

Does the location selected by you is equipped with all sorts of important as well as leisure facilities like shopping malls, eating points, major supermarkets, health care centers, etc? Or, you just want relief from the hustle & bustle of life? Keep all these vital factors in mind ahead of embarking on the journey of your home search process.

In Conclusion…

The location of your home dictates a number of things. Thus, don’t take decision in a careless way and keep all these factors in mind for the best deal.


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