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Importance of Timely Property Maintenance to Ensure Safety and Cost Saving

Property Maintenance
It is quite natural for landlords ignoring many minor issues about property maintenance. But they must know the golden rule that there is immense virtue and cost advantage in performing regular maintenance on a property. Here we have a few property maintenance tips that can stand in good stead and help a landlord save good money.


It is immaterial whether there is a rodent or insect problem in your property at the moment. Rather there must be periodic effort to exterminate them on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to prevent its occurrence.

Water Leakage

Undertake periodic checks to detect water leakage. This must happen after a heavy rain storm or after ice fall and snow melt or after hot and humid days. There might be sweating of pipes. Always look for soft spots on the roofs, walls and ceilings. Signs of water around windows, showers, and toilets have to be taken seriously.


As time passes, the grout between tiles crumble and the caulk surrounding the tub start breaking. This will rip away the waterproof seal and water starts leaking through the surrounding walls or the floor beneath. As soon as cracks or holes are noticed replace the caulking or grout to prevent potential water damage.

Smoke and Gas Detectors

Make mandatory checks on all devices at least once in a month to make sure they are working well. Both the battery operated and hard wired devices need testing. These devices are meant to save lives. Any default on its maintenance will also invite legal action.

Change the Filters

Changing the filters of heating and air conditioning units twice a year is a must. For that you must take the feedback of the manufacturer to know the highest efficiency of the filters. Dirty filters will inflate utility bills as the systems start working harder or malfunctions endangering the cooling system to freeze-up.

Water Heater

Once or twice a year try to drain your water heaters to clear the sediment depositing in the unit from the municipal water supply. Follow the specific procedures for draining the water heater. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, get the help of someone who does it.

To conclude, devoting some quality time and money for property maintenance will give you peace. So it follows that when you have excellent flats to rent in London do make sure that you are a caring landlord and are doing all these maintenance checks diligently.

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