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Living in Knightsbridge: A blend of beauty and Luxury

Living in Knightsbridge

Knightsbridge is London’s most high profile and beautiful neighbourhood and a highly expensive area to live. It can be described as an international centre with a heavy concentration of wealthy people from all parts of the world spending their time productively. That Knightsbridge is home to 14 of Britain’s 200 most expensive streets speaks for itself.

Thanks to the high security crime rates are very low and green spaces make the place amazing and extremely healthy to live. The lifestyle of the residents can be called international jet set.

London’s most famous squares of Cadogan Square, Ovington Square and Lennox Gardens and the Egerton Gardens are in Knightsbridge.

In terms of location Knightsbridge starts at the east of Exhibition Road where of London’s most famous museums are located. At the southern tip of Knightsbridge is Sloane Street where it Chelsea. This attractive area of central London has an array of high end shops and restaurants catering to the needs of local residents with options to spend money in this beguiling corner of London.


Knightsbridge is quite advanced and highly evolved financially, culturally and socially. It has the best schools of London. The leading schools in the area include St Nicholas Preparatory School with its international, multi-faith outlook. Then comes Knightsbridge School which is somewhat new but famous as a highly popular choice and parents are signing up before a child’s second birthday to secure a slot in the school. One more famous school of the area is Hill House International Junior School.


For cultural events the place has many centres. To enjoy concerts, art shows there are many avenues. The Cadogan Hall is popular for concerts and classical music. The Royal Albert Hall is another big venue. The Serpentine Gallery lying to the north of Hyde Park is good for meaningful art appreciation.

Expensive Shops

Knightsbridge has the pride of being home to the most expensive shops such as Harrods and Harvey Nichols and many international fashion houses.

Living in Knightsbridge

The beauty of Knightsbridge is accentuated by the classic architecture and green spaces that is perennially fascinating the affluent in the world to become part of its the charm by owning a piece of the Knightsbridge property.

Expensive Property

Knightsbridge has London’s most exclusive properties and pricey properties. Stylish flats to rent in Knightsbridge are predominantly Victorian and Edwardian mansions and period conversions.

In tune with its sophistications of the area, the properties on rent are well cared for by the landlords who spend a lot in terms of latest luxury features such as wooden floors, under-floor heating, power showers and gadgets. The period buildings enjoy high demand for rentals for their classical charm and super interiors which are very stylish.

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