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Main attractions that draw a Tenant to a Property

Property attractions
We know that renters while searching for a new property they have some features in mind. These features differentiate a rental from its immediate competition. The quick letting of a property hinges on its attractions and amenities.

The vital attractions for a potential renter in a property will include,
Location: Right location can command higher prices and rentals. Renovations and square footage are only secondary concerns. People are ready to compromise on other amenities if the property is in a prime area.

Areas closer to large cities will have people paying higher prices to enjoy better close transportation, shopping, medical, food and entertainment outlets.
Location matters while

  • Buying Property
  • Renovating Property
  • Marketing Property for Rent


Tenants know that the essence of a rental is someone had lived in the space before they came. But they do not want to see or feel it. So make Tenants feel special in this way about in rental apartments with renovations and get them rented out quickly.


Prospective tenants love stainless steel appliances. But regardless of the finish on the appliances they must match. A black stove, almond refrigerator and white dishwasher will be unattractive.


For renters with cars, parking is important. Off-street parking is desirable. To provide the tenant a spot in the driveway or garage will get a unit rented quickly.
In suburban areas, parking is readily available. If there is no designated parking spot negotiate with neighbors and get a parking space. If a garage is too far it could break the deal.

Storage Space

If the house does not have adequate storage space be gracious to provide enough space or add another closet. Also try the basement, garage or storage shed to allow the tenant to store the belongings.

Large Windows

No one likes to live in a cave. So allow as much natural light as possible because it will make a property warmer. Sunshine also improves a person’s mood.

Central Air Conditioning

In warmer climates, not having central air conditioning in a rental unit can spoil the deal. Fact is that central air conditioning in older properties will require ripping open the walls to do proper ductwork. If a property does have central air or if it is worth installing emphasize that feature.

Flats in Colindale

Colindale is a sweet residential suburb in London spanning Barnet and Brent and touching the precincts of West Hendon and Kingsbury. It is famous for the Royal Air Force Museum, Barnet College and the British Newspaper depository.

Offering a peaceful living Colidale also offers good connectivity. There are semi-detached properties in the area. The large council estate nearby is called Grahame Park. It is on the site of the old Hendon Aerodrome with its cluster of 1700 homes making a good neighbourhood.

For prospective renters flats to rent in Colindale will give a choice of 1-3 bed flats for which many estate agencies will be of good help. They can pinpoint the availability, handle the viewing and get the best deal.

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