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A Studio or a One-Bedroom Apartment: Which One is a Better Option

Providing the comforts of a cozy home paired with an assortment of extra facilities, apartments have always been the first choice as compared to other alternatives. However, there are different types of apartments and people usually tend to get bemused between them.

If you’re also thinking of renting an apartment for your family, you may wish to fetch the information regarding the differences between one-bed room apartments or studio’s.  New tenants generally fall towards one-bed room apartments for rent as they cannot pay for a larger home. The major difference between a single apartment and studio is that a one-bed room residence has a separate bedroom whereas studio almost never does. Moreover, a single apartment is more functional, large in size and pricey as compared to a studio apartment.

The Apartment

What is an apartment? Well, it’s generally a private residence with a huge building. These edifices can be seen easily in areas with dense population. Apartment residents, called “renters”, do not possess their part of the building nor any original land, and instead take the apartment directly from the owner of the building.

History of the Apartment

The beginning of this concept started during the Feudalism era. The word apartment obtained its name from the word apart, which means off to one side. However today, the idea of apartments is mainly based on western society.

Studio Apartment

In suburban real estate, a studio primarily means a living space wherein the living area and sleeping area are joined into one central room. Just the occasional alcove is there, you’ll not find other major rooms in studios. The kitchen in studios is also considered as a part of central room. Most of the times, studio apartments has no kitchenette at all. In this case, renters usually use the common kitchen. Scores of studio apartments also have their personal bathroom, which is generally attached with the room.

Single Apartment

Apartment with a single bedroom is known as a single apartment. One-bedroom residences have a well-furnished kitchen. Additionally, these types of apartments also offer facilities like dining area, separate kitchen and living room, but the tenant has to shell out huge sum to avail these amenities. Facility of separate bathroom is also offered by many landlords.


Studio apartments are pocket-friendly and smallest kind of residences to rent at a particular place. They are wide in size, facilities and charges. On the other side, single apartments are perfect for couples and singles. The separate sleeping portion of a one-bedroom home permits renters great privacy and good control over their space. One-bedroom apartments are good for one or two individuals as they can live freely and make their stay comfortable.

Before taking a final decision, you need to analyze carefully the pros and cons of both the apartments. Single apartments are expensive, but proffer extra comfort and space. However, these advantages don’t suit well to all, so some tenants might get more advantages from a studio. If you live in a studio and feel the need of extra space due to more people, then an upgrade might be the right answer. In addition, if you live in a single apartment all alone then studio can help you save good money. Thus, the choice is yours!


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