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Useful Tenancy Agreement Tips for Renters

It’s such a wonderful feeling when you find a perfect home to live in after an annoying & tiresome search. Nowadays clashes between landlords, renters and letting agents are rife, so check under the hood a bit deeper, and do your homework ahead of signing a tenancy agreement. Here we will endow you with all important details you need to wrap up the deal and become a happy tenant. Read more

Tenancy Agreement: The Lifeline of A Rental Deal

In any rental deal (monthly or weekly) in London, a tenancy agreement is very Tenancy Agreementimportant. In the agreement certain categories of information as discussed below are very vital for its legality and smooth operational requirements.

Name of Parties

The tenancy agreement must contain the names of the landlord, tenant(s) and the guarantors prominently documented in the agreement.
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