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Taste of Christmas 2013: London’s Great Culinary Show

Taste of Christmas
London’s Taste of Christmas (21 to 24 November) at Tobacco Dock is a great gourmet show and very inspiring as you come across world class restaurants, wines and loads of Christmas nibbles. It is as if all your Christmas wishes have come true when so much of food variants and free cocktails chase you around as a royalist at the food show.

Right from the red carpet welcome to the tall Christmas tree on its way, there is a mood of de javu of being in a festive arena. Your rounds at the fair will progress by knocking back free cocktails, free shots and many nibbles including pink gin. Most journey home on a happy blur. Taste of Christmas is also about workshops and demonstrations by TV chefs.


You will have food for all tastes and kinds– sweet, sour and alcohol. Expensive cocktails flow in free samples of the visitors. That includes mulled wine, special cider, pink gin, vodka and tequila. It is for you to decide on hundreds of bits and bobs or narrow down to a few categories for you.

There is interesting scrummy too , including….

  • Boxerchips
  • Bear nibbles
  • Nut Shot

As for luxury items on the Xmas wish list of foodies, you can pick great gifts for a sophisticated someone. There is a great choice.

  • Smoked duck
  • Snowdonia Cheese
  • Edgerton pink gin
  • Chocolate wine
  • Kejzar blueberry liqueur
  • Bloodshot vodka spirit
  • Luxury Jamaican Rum Cakes

Culinary triumph

In a few words Taste of Christmas can be aptly described as a culinary triumph of the year. The kings and queens of cookery will also share their tips for making the festive season a great occasion. There is the opportunity to take part in live cooking demonstrations and give your Christmas a gourmet makeover. There are trendy shops with seasonal ingredients to add sparkle to your family’s festive classics.

On an average, more than 30,000 visitors typically enjoy the event. It has been aptly described as the ‘perfect place for passionate foodies’ to get inspired and explore a gastronomic heaven.

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