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5 points to keep in mind before relocating from abroad

Are you planning to relocate to new abroad country? Well, it sounds great! But before you start packing your bag and baggage, there are a few extra things you should keep in mind to make your shifting trouble free. Here a few points to determine to make your transition smooth and to quickly settle in a new country. If your next city is London, it’s significant to identify what you want from here. Read more

Why West End in London is so Appealing to all?

West End area
A visit to London achieves its perfection only when West End is visited with all its curiosity and joy. Geographically West End is an amalgam of the entertainment district around Leicester Square and Covent Garden with a swathe of shopping streets-Oxford, Bond and Street, Regent.

At the high streets of Oxford and Regents the latest in fashion, souvenirs, diamonds and caviar are up for grabs. The bustling night life and presence of clubs, museums and theatres make this part of London busy and fantastic.

Main Attractions

With West End attracting all as the central hub of London theatre, haute shopping and great art galleries we are guiding you to some of the must-see spots there
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Make Your London Visit Memorable with these Free Things

London LocationDespite the label that London is an expensive city there are lots of free things to do in the city. Here is a list to enjoy you in the city without spending much.


London weather is an important variable to be factored in while planning any outing or event. The beauty of London is that it can offer a stroll around the spacious and leafy parks. The large Royal Parks in central London can attract maximum visitors with fascinating regal history.
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A Tour of London’s Beautiful Kensington and Chelsea

A Tour of London’s Beautiful Kensington and Chelsea
Kensington and Chelsea are two thriving districts in London with great fame for shopping and culture. They make up the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. It is the most densely populated borough in the whole of the UK and wealthiest too.

This fairly vast city expanse stretches from Harrow Road in the north of London to the banks of the Thames in the south. Then further it stretches from Finborough Road to the west of Hyde Park in the east. What makes Kensington and Chelsea stand out are their fame as the hub of shopping spots, museums and parks such as the Kensington Gardens.
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