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Make Your London Visit Memorable with these Free Things

London LocationDespite the label that London is an expensive city there are lots of free things to do in the city. Here is a list to enjoy you in the city without spending much.


London weather is an important variable to be factored in while planning any outing or event. The beauty of London is that it can offer a stroll around the spacious and leafy parks. The large Royal Parks in central London can attract maximum visitors with fascinating regal history.

Some of the leading Park’s are…

  • Hyde Park
  • Regent’s Park
  • St James’s Park
  • Kensington Gardens
  • Greenwich Park

Each of them excels in a variety of attractions, strolls and city views to enjoy.


London has an amazing set of museums with those buildings given to celebrating a truly diverse range of interests.

British Museum: This most famous museum in London attracts millions of visitors every year who want to watch its large and varied collection. The artifacts are collected by British explorers making it one of the most fascinating places to visit in the city.

Science Museum: Provides an enlightening history of British advances in the field

Natural History Museum: The museum contains ancient plants and animals detailing the way our planet changed through the ages.

Victoria & Albert Museum: A wider range of exhibits, focusing on various achievements in art and design is packed in 150 ornate galleries spanning seven floors.

Greenwich: A little away from the city centre, the Royal Observatory known as the site of the Prime Meridian or Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is worth a visit.

National Maritime Museum: Gain insight into the time when London was a significant port city with details of seafaring expeditions undertaken by British explorers.

Art Galleries

The National Gallery: It is in Trafalgar Square and a vehicle to travel back through time and see artistic pieces whose reputation is spread across the world. Spanning the 13th to the 19th century, the gallery has displays from renowned painters like Renoir and Van Gogh.

National Portrait Gallery: This gallery has devoted itself to paintings of famous figures throughout history with a fascinating back story.

Tate Britain: Showcasing the finest British artwork from the year 1500 to the present day Tate Britain displays exhibits from those nominated for the annual Turner Prize. With 5 7 million guests visiting every year Tate Britain continues to be the most visited modern art gallery.

Flats to Rent

When you are visiting London make sure that you have the best of short terms as well other rentals to enjoy the city. The rental accommodations not only give scenic views and a cool ambience, it also offers all the facilities on your door step. Banks, ATMs, supermarkets and medical centers are around. Excellent transportation links and plenty of outlets for shopping, dining and leisure make it special in terms of a memorable stay.

Rental property in London come with multiple options such as studios, one; two; and three bedrooms plus penthouses.

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