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Factors That Motivates Millennial Generation for Moving

Every generation has its own set of values, attitudes and even quirks, and Millennial Generation is not an exception. Tenants born between 1980 to mid- 2000s are known as “Millennials” and the largest up-and-coming generation in US. This age group is tech-savvy, social, career conscious, love self-expression and moves frequently from one place to another. But what is motivating this younger generation to enjoy the joy of moving?  Here are some real insights!Renting for milennials

 To enjoy the adventurous life of city

Many youngsters decide to live in cities as they like the freedom and atmosphere. Living in an urban area gives them a lot of liberty. They can easily use public transportation, walk quickly to grocery shops, watch live concerts, access night spots and easily find great restaurants. Most of the millennials can’t afford to buy a home in a city, but they also don’t want to miss city’s fun. The idea of exciting social life and quick access to modern amenities is so alluring to them that they plan to rent for a short time.

To enjoy the liberty and flexibility

College pass outs want to enjoy the freedom to explore the close by places. The beginning of their careers spurs them for moving from existing college or towns. A better career opportunity is another reason that compels them to move to a bigger city. More than 43% millennials of different age groups said that a good job motivates them for place transition.

To explore the new aspects of life

Millennial generation is high-spirited and this is also a main reason behind their frequent moves. Yes, 11% youngsters stated in a latest survey that they move to different places to discover the new things. In simple words, their adventure prevails over the practical aspect of their lives.

To be nearby family

Millennials have their own attitude and most of the people think they simply don’t care about their loved ones. Well, this is not true! More than 20% millennials lives in urban areas and enjoy all sorts of latest technologies. They talk to their family members and out-of-state friends through astounding advances in technology; still they give great importance to their near & dear ones, and want to stay with them.

To feel less isolated

The semi-urban lifestyle proffers the safest environment to millennials, but at the same time it also generates the feeling of isolation in them. Their suburban life is restricted by couple of good pals on the same street, along with the nature of their pre-planned social contacts beyond their small region. Generation Y wants to feel less isolated and more connected with outer world. They express their desire to live in active and lively places where they can roam around with other individuals of same age group.

Last words…

Generation Y wishes for more liberty, nor anchors or obstacles. So, when it comes to how and where they enjoy their lives, they also express a greater desire to rent rather than buying a pricey home in plush cities like London. Finding a long let property in UK is easy as you get plethora of options. These apartments are full of latest amenities and gives optimum comfort.

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