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Tips to Choose the Best Apartment Types for You

Tips to Best Apartment
In the flood of classifieds there will be too many advertisements pertaining to apartments. Choosing them rightly needs some essential tips as guidance

Apartment Types

Reading the rental ads in the classified section of a newspaper or searching rental homes online will entail seeing different types of apartments. Some of the laeding kinds of apartments in high demand are discussed here.

Studio Apartments

This is one room apartment with sleeping, dining and kitchen facility in one room plus a full bathroom. A convertible studio will have a nook which can be partitioned off separately for sleeping.

Mullti Bedroom Apartments

These range from junior-sized apartments larger than a studio to three or four room apartments, to the classic 6 that comprises a two bedroom and maid’s quarters with dining, and living rooms including two to three bathrooms.

Duplex will have different meanings in different places. Usually it is decided on the basis of number of floors an individual apartment will be having and how many different units are there in a building.


There are mixed use residential and commercial buildings with adequate retail space with offices on the ground floor and living areas above it.


Lofts are high-ceiling apartments ranging from converted commercial buildings to new luxury high-rises. An open floor plan with no interior walls and a second level sleeping area is the attraction here. It is not great for privacy for those with kids but make spectacular bachelor pads.

When you sign a lease for at least one year make sure you get to find a property to rent in London that is a good fit. Else it will be choosing between losing your deposit, having an eviction or living in hell for another 12 months.

Renting a House vs. an Apartment

Apartment complexes offer many amenities and offer big savings with amenties including gym, cable TV and Wifi. They also mean sharing walls with frequently changing neighbors and sticking to lot of rules.

Houses offer more space and freedom as well. Renting from a private landlord offers a lot more flexibility in doing what you want and a little flexibility on the rent.

Private homes and townhouses come with extra expenses and have to ensure the home is not in foreclosure. The last thing you want is to rent from an evil slumlord who will not fix anything.

Choosing the Right Rental

Make sure you are handing money to the right person. Ask the local gas station attendant about local neighborhoods. Check crime statistics for unsavory characters living nearby.

In the group of desirable apartment types a penthouse is the ultimate with amazing views, private elevator and a 2,000 foot balcony. With rents quickly rising by double digits it is becoming hard for people to find anything they can afford.

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