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Tips to Design an Ideal Pet Friendly Rental Property

Having pets at home is indeed a wonderful feeling whether they’re the dogs, cats, birds or other species. The attachment you have with them is hard to express but could only be felt if you too have the same experience. Considering the wonderful bonds people have with their pets; we’ve emerged up with this unique concept of designing a perfect pet friendly rental property for pets, so that they don’t feel strange.

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Whether you are a home owner having pets at home or having a business of rental properties in London, or other areas, these tips will help you design a wonderful pet-friendly property without sacrificing the comfort. Here you go…

Buy durable materials

Regardless of the fact how deeply you are in love with your pets, you would never-ever want your home to be sacrificed for dogs only. So, to keep your abode in a shape, go for the durable flooring items such as- Vinyl, tiles and stones that are toenail proof, stain resistant and easy to clean.

To protect your carpet from being grimed with the pet hair, buy carpets matching your pet’s color, so that loose hair could easily blend in. And to avoid the accidental or sudden slides, use pads under the rug areas. When having pets at home, using dark colors with materials would be a great idea to conceal the dust and dirt. And bring in the machine-washable microfiber to purge odors and furs from your valuable furniture.

Vacuum on regularly basis

Even if you cleaned through the rugs property, your kitty’s hairballs may not be avoided. So it’s suggested to use vacuum at least one or two times a week to avoid the little tiny hair spikes. When your pet is shedding, you need to vacuum it on a daily basis to keep the home neat and clean. With pets having a specific Odor, they also have certain oil that attracts more dirt to the fabrics on which pets sit. And to prevent this, you need to invest some money in Dyson DC14 Animal.

Safety comes first

Having pets is almost akin to having kids at home. Thus, in a pet-friendly home, safety is always paramount. Some of the major safety points you should consider include-

  • Electrical cords should be out of reach to the pets
  • Don’t use long cords for the curtains to avoid your pet being tangled in it
  • Use durable bars and screens, so that your cats should not fall out of the windows
  • Keep the pets away to the breakables
  • Keep away the poisonous substances, toxic elements, pesticides, bathroom cleaning items etc.

Arrange attractive toys, tidy treats and other required stuffs for pets

Pets enjoy in a playful environment. So keep them surrounded by something that they could enjoy with. Arrange some tidy toys and unique treats. Give them something to chew to prevent them getting attracted to furniture like- Sofas, Mattress, Chair, Cupboard, sand other types of items.

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