What are the qualities of a city/town that offer best buy-to-let opportunities?

When it comes to purchasing property for buy-to-let purpose, it’s essential for the landlords to think as renters not landlords. You must ask a few questions from yourself that if you were the renter and would have asked to live in a certain location, would you say yes or no? Once you started thinking this way, then you would come up with the fruitful results for sure. Read more

London continues to remain the world’s most expensive office market

According to the latest Global Prime Office Occupancy Costs Survey, conducted recently, The West End of London is continue to hold its record as the highest price office market in the world whereas Asia is still leading as the most expensive location for offices. Read more

Give Your Rental Bathroom an Inviting Look with These 6 Quick Tips

What if you can’t change the faucet, mirror, or paint the cabinet with your favorite color, because it’s a rental apartment? Don’t worry; here are some quick and simple ideas for converting your dull bathroom into a bracing and habitable one:   Read more

Best ways to split the rent among all Roommates


Living life alone is a wonderful feeling whether you’ve headed out to a new place for higher education or to grab the work opportunity, it’s a fun to living a free bird life. No restrictions. No Family Burden. Late Night Parties and All, Everything is so perfect. However, most of the people find it to be too annoying to stay with their roommates, especially when they get to realize over paying off the unusual apartment rental than they are actually utilizing. Read more

Know, what tenancy rights you hold as a tenant?

In April 2007, The Private Tenancies (NI) order 2006 got effective that apparently reinforced some major rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants. As a matter of fact, the rights and responsibilities of private tenants that legislation is governing are very complex- however; there are five basic rights that every tenant has. Read more

Cool Property Market In UK halts the Housing Prices in last 3 months of 2014

“With the property market continuously gets cool day after day, the UK housing prices also experience the changes in the housing prices in three months”

Humberside, Yorkshire, North-West and Wales have experienced the out-and-out price declination, with the average prices across the country are edging up by 1.1% in the quarter.  According to the Nationwide Building Society, In the last three months of 2014, the pace of the house price growth has consequently declined sharply. Although the prices that had ended the year 8.3%, are now apparently higher than in the same period of 2013. Read more

A Studio or a One-Bedroom Apartment: Which One is a Better Option

Providing the comforts of a cozy home paired with an assortment of extra facilities, apartments have always been the first choice as compared to other alternatives. However, there are different types of apartments and people usually tend to get bemused between them.

Read more

Important Things to Consider Before Moving Into a Rental Property

Investing your money in real estate sector is definitely a wise decision. Even if you like all the things, you can’t control each and everything. Choosing a rented accommodation is not an easy-to-do chore for many as it requires inspection, knowledge, time, and experience. To take you out from this worrying circle, here we are going to jot down imperative points that as a tenant you should look into a rented property. Read more

Tips to Transform a House into Real Sweet Home

I have seen many people talking that I have bought a house and I am planning to buy a house where some people say that I have bought a sweet home. Have you ever tried to figure out the reasons why people have double talks regarding their house and home, what is the difference between a home and a house and how it pops up? Well, if you are someone looking out for the ways to turn your house into a home then you’ve landed at the right path. Read more

Property prices in UK are expected to balloon up to 9% this year and 5% in 2015

When it comes to UK, its property price is always the most talked about topic and people curiously have an eye on it. With the prices of property are all ready to come up at the winding stage, according to the latest outlook report, they are expected to finish in 2014 by 9% with another rise of 5% in 2015. Read more

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