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Best ways to split the rent among all Roommates


Living life alone is a wonderful feeling whether you’ve headed out to a new place for higher education or to grab the work opportunity, it’s a fun to living a free bird life. No restrictions. No Family Burden. Late Night Parties and All, Everything is so perfect. However, most of the people find it to be too annoying to stay with their roommates, especially when they get to realize over paying off the unusual apartment rental than they are actually utilizing. Read more

Know, what tenancy rights you hold as a tenant?

rights tenants hold

In April 2007, The Private Tenancies (NI) order 2006 got effective that apparently reinforced some major rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants. As a matter of fact, the rights and responsibilities of private tenants that legislation is governing are very complex- however; there are five basic rights that every tenant has. Read more

Cool Property Market In UK halts the Housing Prices in last 3 months of 2014

renting residential property

“With the property market continuously gets cool day after day, the UK housing prices also experience the changes in the housing prices in three months”

Humberside, Yorkshire, North-West and Wales have experienced the out-and-out price declination, with the average prices across the country are edging up by 1.1% in the quarter.  According to the Nationwide Building Society, In the last three months of 2014, the pace of the house price growth has consequently declined sharply. Although the prices that had ended the year 8.3%, are now apparently higher than in the same period of 2013. Read more

A Studio or a One-Bedroom Apartment: Which One is a Better Option

studio and 1 bedroom apartment

Providing the comforts of a cozy home paired with an assortment of extra facilities, apartments have always been the first choice as compared to other alternatives. However, there are different types of apartments and people usually tend to get bemused between them.

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Important Things to Consider Before Moving Into a Rental Property

shift into rental property

Investing your money in real estate sector is definitely a wise decision. Even if you like all the things, you can’t control each and everything. Choosing a rented accommodation is not an easy-to-do chore for many as it requires inspection, knowledge, time, and experience. To take you out from this worrying circle, here we are going to jot down imperative points that as a tenant you should look into a rented property. Read more

Importance of Location in Home Buying Process

location importance of home buying process

If real estate is your thing, you must have heard an old adage: Location, location, location.”  Whether you are buying a new home as a lifestyle upgrade, a solid long-term investment or both reasons, one of the most vital decisions you will take is where you wish to live with your family. The location of your home will aid you to determine various aspects, such as quality of life, commute times, social interactions, future value of your rock-solid investment, and the like. Read more

Help to Buy: The Best Way to Get on to the Housing Ladder?

help to buy scheme uk

If you’re part of Generation Y, you’ll know that raising finances to get on the property ladder is tough. If your parents are unable to help contribute to the deposit, you are often locked in to staying living with your mum and dad until the funds are raised. Read more

Long Term Rentals Can Save Landlords from Void Periods and Lean Seasons

void periods

In any city, there will be rental properties ideal for short and long term letting. The short terms are good for vacation dwellers and long term rentals will be expecting professionals or officials who will stay in the city for a reasonable period of time. Read more

Why living in Highgate is an Enervating Experience?

Living in Highgate
Highgate in London is like a peaceful retreat from the din and bustle of the big city. You can experience the stillness, peace and the quiet of the suburban streets as a far cry from the noisy streets elsewhere. Highgate is at the confluence of three boroughs — Camden, Islington and Haringey.


It is the architecture of Highgate that is grand and striking with period properties line up on the leafy avenues evoking nostalgia for a proud and affluent era of carts parasols and gentry in top hats.
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Government Mulls plans to make Tenancies family friendly

Government Mulls Plans to Make Tenancies family friendly
London has been hearing upcoming measures to ensure ‘family friendly’ tenancy rules in order to assuage the renters with a feeling of security. As part of that exercise, the Department for Communities and Local Government is reportedly working on a proposal to encourage landlords for offering long-term tenancies to the tenants. It is hoped that the new proposal will scrap the old-fashioned 12 month restricted assured tenancies.
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