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One Bedroom Flat In Mayfair Is Cheaper Than You Can Think Of- See How?

When it comes to think of Britain’s property market, it’s massively high and generally out of reach for a layman who is relied on his monthly wages only. However, there is more about the monopoly of the people which has set with the view of considering this area as too expensive for the average earning guy. Read more

Know, what tenancy rights you hold as a tenant?

In April 2007, The Private Tenancies (NI) order 2006 got effective that apparently reinforced some major rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants. As a matter of fact, the rights and responsibilities of private tenants that legislation is governing are very complex- however; there are five basic rights that every tenant has. Read more

London Needs a Living Rent and an end for Arbitrary Rent Hike

The mindless rental hikes in London by private house owners have triggered appeals for action. The social media are replete with such messages. Darren Johnson, a Green Party member in the London Assembly made a moving appeal to the London Mayor to protect Londoners and not be seen as a saviour of property investors. Read more

Tips to Choose the Best Apartment Types for You

Tips to Best Apartment
In the flood of classifieds there will be too many advertisements pertaining to apartments. Choosing them rightly needs some essential tips as guidance

Apartment Types

Reading the rental ads in the classified section of a newspaper or searching rental homes online will entail seeing different types of apartments. Some of the laeding kinds of apartments in high demand are discussed here.
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Advantages of Living in Paddington Area in London

Paddington Area in London

Paddington district comes under Central London. Blending history, beautiful spots, shopping avenues and other exciting stuff Paddington is loved for its proximity to Craven Hill, Bays-water, Westbourne Green and Maid Hill.

Padding is most famous for its Paddington railway station. Other important landmarks of the place are St Mary’s Hospital and Paddington Green Police Station.
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Tips for Turning A Home into Rental Property

Rental Property
There is a trend of homes being turned into rentals and homeowners becoming the landlords. This happens because some folks cannot afford their homes, others might be relocating due to a job and unable to sell it. They simply want to upsize or downsize without taking a jolt from the current market.

Be Business Like

It is hard to part with a beloved home. Someone else living in our personal space can be strange or rattling. But renting is a business all such sentiments need to be put aside and the focus must come to practical matters.
Renting a home can be emotional, but it not need be complicated. Build confidence by researching pricing, talking to experts and planning well and accommodating the essentials of renting.
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Main attractions that draw a Tenant to a Property

Property attractions
We know that renters while searching for a new property they have some features in mind. These features differentiate a rental from its immediate competition. The quick letting of a property hinges on its attractions and amenities.

The vital attractions for a potential renter in a property will include,
Location: Right location can command higher prices and rentals. Renovations and square footage are only secondary concerns. People are ready to compromise on other amenities if the property is in a prime area.
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Tips for Getting the Right Rent

Perfect price for rent property
The goal of keeping fair rent on a property is to attract tenants, cover expenses and hopefully put some money in the pocket so that a void period can be compensated.

In that hurry setting a standard price for all one bed-room apartments or maintaining a standard difference between one and two bedrooms will be a mistake. If the units are not identical it will hurt. So charging slightly different rents on the basis of desirability of a unit will be a fine approach.
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Tips for Solving Issues Faced by Tenants

Solving Issues
Despite lease agreements and safe guards many renters feel vulnerable and have tales of bitterness to narrate. The Consumer Affairs Victoria in the period between 2012/13 received 93,000 enquiries and complaints from tenants and landlords. Tenants are searching for answers to vexed questions. Here some pragmatic answers are offered.

Lease Breaking

Beyond the routine fixed-term lease the specific questions include how to break a lease?
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Living in Knightsbridge: A blend of beauty and Luxury

Living in Knightsbridge

Knightsbridge is London’s most high profile and beautiful neighbourhood and a highly expensive area to live. It can be described as an international centre with a heavy concentration of wealthy people from all parts of the world spending their time productively. That Knightsbridge is home to 14 of Britain’s 200 most expensive streets speaks for itself.
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