Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park Is Back Again With A Big Bunch of Fun!

The shop window panes on Oxford Street are adorned wonderfully, an oversize Christmas tree is positioned in Trafalgar Square and one can gasp holiday feeling….it all shows that Christmas season is approaching soon! A single visit to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is an incredible way to drench deeply in the festive spirit. With several exciting rides, Christmas markets, Oktoberfest and exotic food, this place has something to offer even the pernickety visitors. Read more

Ice-Skating Rinks in London you must visit in this festive season

The Christmas countdown has started and London is about to experience its yearly winter transformation. Nothing yells winter season more than a shimmering evening on the icy carpet. Yeah, here we are talking about exhilarating ice-skating fun! Now don your wooly knits and slip your feet into a pair of bladed boots to undergo a stunning skating experience in the heavenly decked capital of Great Britain.
Read more

5 points to keep in mind before relocating from abroad

Are you planning to relocate to new abroad country? Well, it sounds great! But before you start packing your bag and baggage, there are a few extra things you should keep in mind to make your shifting trouble free. Here a few points to determine to make your transition smooth and to quickly settle in a new country. If your next city is London, it’s significant to identify what you want from here. Read more

Rugby World Cup 2015 Starting From 18th September

If you are a true rugby sport lover then your fantasy is all set to come true since the eight ‘Rugby World Cup’ is all set to commence from 18 September to 31 October and has been hosted by the England. The decision to host the quadrennial rugby union world championship in England was taken in July 2009. Read more

5 Ways to Extract the Full Security Deposit from Landlords when moving out

So, it’s finally the time to call off the leasing, great! Now you might be wondering about the security deposit that is almost one month’s of rent you deposited while signing in the leasing contract, are you? If so, don’t be anxious much. Here are some tips to extract the full security deposit from the landlords over the completion of your leasing period. Read more

Tips to Design an Ideal Pet Friendly Rental Property

Having pets at home is indeed a wonderful feeling whether they’re the dogs, cats, birds or other species. The attachment you have with them is hard to express but could only be felt if you too have the same experience. Considering the wonderful bonds people have with their pets; we’ve emerged up with this unique concept of designing a perfect pet friendly rental property for pets, so that they don’t feel strange. Read more

Useful Tenancy Agreement Tips for Renters

It’s such a wonderful feeling when you find a perfect home to live in after an annoying & tiresome search. Nowadays clashes between landlords, renters and letting agents are rife, so check under the hood a bit deeper, and do your homework ahead of signing a tenancy agreement. Here we will endow you with all important details you need to wrap up the deal and become a happy tenant. Read more

Factors That Motivates Millennial Generation for Moving

Every generation has its own set of values, attitudes and even quirks, and Millennial Generation is not an exception. Tenants born between 1980 to mid- 2000s are known as “Millennials” and the largest up-and-coming generation in US. This age group is tech-savvy, social, career conscious, love self-expression and moves frequently from one place to another. But what is motivating this younger generation to enjoy the joy of moving?  Here are some real insights! Read more

Feel the Magic around you at Lovebox Festival 2015

With Lovebox Festival 2015, the party returns to Victoria park which is going to display the greatest rapper of all time, Snoop Dogg and rudimental headlining the show with plentiful other live energetic acts and loud DJs. Read more

2015 Wimbledon Tennis Championships in London

Trained yourself with a little more preparation and join the roar of excitement with London Wimbledon 2015 which is all set to continue for two weeks from 29th June 2015 to 12th July 2015. The thrilling tennis experience presented by world’s best tennis players is right here, it’s just that how you get to grab them. Whether you are a hardcore fan of tennis, or just love to join the crowd to have fun around thousands of people, enjoy the startling view, Wimbledon Tennis Champions are all set to indulge you into maximum fun with its world-class arrangements. Read more

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